Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Things to Keep in Mind When You are Planning Your Wedding

The period prior to the wedding is one of intense emotional displays, especially if your loved one and you are planning your wedding on your own. Without a support system to depend upon, planning for a wedding can involve missed deadlines, forgotten details, drama, and judgment from your social circle.
It is all the more reason why most couples today depend on event management companies to come to their rescue. With a lot of burden shared, weddings can once again become what they were about – your loved one and you. The top wedding management companies in Delhi suggest hiring personal wedding planners, who can understand your needs and deliver just that. Below are some quick points to remember before the D-day arrives:

1.      Wedding Date

The wedding season in northern India peaks between November and February. “Do you want a wedding in this period?” “Do you want your wedding day to be aligned with the stars?” Or “Do you want your wedding before your company’s big merger?” These are questions you need to sit down with your partner and decide.
Decisions such as these will give you the confidence to get down to the difficult things.

2.      Wedding Budget

“How much can you afford?” or “Can you afford this or that?” should be the next questions on your mind. Sit down with your partner and list down all the events you want to organize and the events you need to organize. Even though this may require taking rigorous decisions, it is worth it.
The top 50 event management companies in Delhi suggest creating an Excel worksheet for each event and allocating the money that you can afford to invest. Remember, it is quite easy to go overboard, but once you segregate the ­needs from the wants, you will be happier after the wedding. So, sit down, go back over the countless excel sheets you have created for your boss, and create one for yourself this time.

3.      Getting an Estimate of Your Guests

This list, (yes! It is another Excel sheet including event, guest name, date) should be as exclusive as possible according to the event. Not only will this list help you decide the venue you will choose, but it will give an idea about your catering requirements. At this stage, you can also estimate how many people the guest is likely to bring. In all, at the end of this list, you are likely to tweak your budget or will have to make more room. Be prepared for it.
Once you are done with this estimate, decide the venue and check for its availability, especially if your wedding date falls during the peak months.

4.      Shopping

Make sure that you have ample time to shop. This will help you with exploring more options and not feeling blue later on for having settled on less. This is after all your big day and you should allow yourself to enjoy and experience the best.

You can make use of the BLT event management companies in India connecting you with best services for catering, bands, florists, DJs, etc. Book these services as you like and finalize them.
More importantly, spend this time to decide what you would like to wear, and how you would like to look on the D-day. Most salons offer pre-bridal packages starting from six months before the wedding. This means you can groom yourself to look your best.

5.      Last Few Weeks Before Wedding

This is the time to apply for your leave at your company, and discuss with your boss how you plan to delegate the work during your absence. It will make sure that when you get back to your work, you are at par with your responsibilities.
Make sure you get your wedding gowns at least, a fortnight before. This leaves room for alternations that you may not have expected.
Now, you can also choose the wedding cards and send them off to your guest list. Make sure you call them to confirm whether they are coming to the wedding. Go back to your Excel sheet and keep a tab on who you can expect.

Also, don’t forget to check-in with the various services that you have hired. Call and check to make sure they will deliver right and on time.

All set and done, on the day of your wedding, you can relax and enjoy your new beginning. 

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